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J .N.;
"The best thing I have ever done in my life. I used to hide my smile, not any more, My teeth look very nice now".

S T.;
"I got my teeth straight just in 9 months. Dr. Korshid showed me my teeth movements on computer and results are exactly what I wanted, nicely straight. Thanks you."

J. B.;
"The results are definitly meet my expectations. It is very easy to add the aligners to my lifestyle and the change was huge. If I knew this can be achieved so easily, I would have done it long time ago".

M. ;
"I love the way I can remove them any time I want to. I can eat whatever I want . Cleaning and flossing of my teeth is easy."

"My case was a braces case but as I work with public, there was no way for me to get braces. These aligners are almost invisible. I am so happy."

J.Y. ;
" It is amazing how you can see the virtual movement of your teeth on monitor screen even before starting your treatment. I have always wanted to get a more appropriate smile and profile and now that I am getting it, I am so excited about it. Dr. Korshid explained all aspects of treatments to me and as he did some great cosmetic jobs for me in the past, I am confident I finally will get what I was looking for in a long time."


" I am at the middle of treatment and I have already noticed big changes. This office is open late so I can see them after work. they are very detailed oriented and check my teeth each time I receive new aligners."

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